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  • Sir my son completed his studies from pre-school till 10th CBSE board in KSA now he is studing in 2nd INTERMIDIATE TELANGANA BOARD AIEEE n if he gets rank in M-SET will he b counted in NRI QUOTA
Yes. He is a non-local. If he doesn't get a seat in normal rank procedure you can opt for NRI quota.

  • sir, I want to know what are the total marks for maths in m.e.c group? and what is the total of all the subjects in m.e.c group in IPE? AND OUT OF HOW MANY TOTAL MARKS ARE CONSIDERED FOR IPE IN MATHS FOR M.E.C ?
Maths is two papers IA / IIA for 75 marks and IB / IIB for 75 marks for each year i.e. Maths is 150 marks for each year. Commerce, Economics and Languages ( I & II ) are 100 marks each per year.

  • sir can u plz tel me the edge marks of maths 1a and 1b for sr.mec studnts!!
Pass Marks can be gathered in Section C of the paper. Work hard there.

  • My Son is studying intermediate, he has taken MPC. college has taken admission for AIEEE and EMCET With MPC. NOW IAM HEARING FROM SOME PEOPLES THAT THERE IS NO EMCET and AIEEE IN 2013. ISEET exam will be there . is it true. any final order is issued by the government as on date please tell me
EAMCET and AIEEE from 2013 have been replaced by ISEET. Formal orders are expected anytime.

  • Sir, Will there be an EAMCET in 2013?
There will be an EAMCET in 2013 probably the last.

  • Hello sir.. I am very interested in teaching.but am working full time as markting executive..so am planning to start home tution..please guide me on this..
You may find it difficult to cope with Home Tuition demands with your full time job. Try with your friends kids for sometime before making a final decision.

  • sir this is sampath..i can teach home tution upto 10th[ssc] all the subjects..i also have experience of taking home tution...want to utilize my ability in earning..can u help me sir?
You must get registered as Home Tutor by using the Tutor Registration Form on the website. For all other questions refer the FAQ section.

  • Sir i want to take the tuition but in the first day what i have to do please explain me.
Be prepared with the subject. Doubts must be clarified to infuse confidence.

  • sir, my daughter is studying in inter 2nd year biology she is very much curious about to know whether she can write NEET_UG 2012 please send the latest news on this. and she want coaching for NEET_UG also srinivas (father)
NEET 2012 is unlikely in AP. Courts will issue issue notice by January 1 week.

  • At what age or class can we start coaching for IIT-JEE?
Coaching can start from class VIII . Early start does help.

  • Dear Sir, My boys are in class X. They are insisting on watching TV serials . My husband has disconnected Cable connection, but I notice children are not studying. What is the solution?
Your sons are showing withdrawal symptoms. Please consult a good psychologist.

  • I am a teacher and my own children are refusing to study . I am taking tuition\'s at home for other kids, what do you suggest?
Your children consider you as their mother not teacher. Make arrangements for tuition elsewhere.

  • Respected Sir, I do not want my children who are in ICSE class 8 and 9 to be so stressed. I am planning to join them in CBSE school . Please advise me.
The continuous and comprehensive Evaluation [CCE] for CBSE schools is a long term based assessment that covers all aspects of studentís development de-stressing students. I am very skeptical about the end results of CCE. I would not advise shifting your children from ICSE to CBSE .

  • Sir, What is the syllabus for AIEEE. I will be applying for B.Arch also?
Maths , Physics & Chemistry of Plus 1 and 2 level . For B.Arch you will have to prepare for Aptitude paper as well it covers Analytical Reasoning Mental Ability (Visual, Numerical and Verbal). and Drawing ( 2-D, 3-D)

  • I am scared of Maths but I hear MEC Group will give me a better edge than CEC. What to do?
MEC group does have an edge over CEC and Pass marks in Maths is only 17. If you live in Secunderabad area contact SSC ACADEMY at 040-40160832 . No need to be scared.

  • I need your opinion. My son has done 2nd standard CBSE syllabus. He is 8 years old. I want him to join a religious school. However, at home i need a tutor to teach him main subjects so that he can appear for open exams in future for higher classes
A Home Tutor can help him with subjects. Tuition costs would depend on your requirements.

  • When will supplementary exams for Intermediate be held?
Advanced Supplementary for Intermediate Exams -2010 will be held from June 2nd onwards.

  • Is the Maths paper II of AP SSC Board be taken again ? My son has written this exam once.
Only students who could not sit for the Mathematics Paper II exam on March 30 due to the curfew, will have to fill an application and submit it to the chief superintendent along with their residential address and phone number to be allowed to sit for the exam on April 9, when it is conducted again

  • Sir, Is it true that INTER question papers are available to buy? If such is the case what will happen to our childrens future.
Dont get carried away by such rumors. If such a leak occurs the Board will definitely cancel the exam.

  • Sir, When is it advisable to start coaching for class X. Is Maths & Science imperative to be taught early? Please advise me.
Early start helps. If you are in the Secunderabad area contact SSC ACADEMY with your requirements.

  • Will the board exams be held on time as per scheduled given earlier?
The Boards are convening again to discuss this issue. New dates will be announced publicly. Atleast one months delay was anticipated.But the new dates are set for March 10, 2010.

  • My daughter spends time on the computer and internet saying she has projects. I feel she is wasting time in chat and orkut? Sir please suggest some remedy.
Project works require browsing as such we cannot block Internet access. Joining chat rooms and ORKUT is definitely a waste of time. I receive atleast 2 such complaints a week. I suggest Counseling. A good counselor alone can wean the child from these risky time consuming activities.

  • My son is not showing any interest in subjects other than Maths & Science. What to do?
Its good to know he is interested in Math & Sciences. Other subjects can be made interesting with either home tuition or personal attention from your side.

  • Can a 40% student in Maths be made into 90%. What time will it take?
Yes. It is quite possible. If a student is able to comprehend the subject matter % will definitely shoot up. At least a years effort will be needed from tutors side.

  • Respected Sir, Will there be a Grade sheet and Mark sheet in SSC Board exam class X?
Yes. Grade obtained will be mentioned in the SSC certificate. A separate memorandum of Marks will also be sent to the student to facilitate admission to Intermediate class.

  • Sir / Madam, I am BSc in BZC. Can I go for Bank PO exam?
Ofcourse. Bank PO Math is school level. Nothing should stop you from realizing your dreams.

  • Respected Sir, What is the current marks weightage for EAMCET?
50% from the academic year 2009. The remaining 50% will be based on IPE marks.

  • Sir, My daughters aged 12 and 14 are very weak in Maths & Sciences. They are in ICSE .Is the syllabus tough or is it something else?
ICSE Maths & Sciences are not tougher than other Boards as commonly percieved. I suggest you get your daughters assistance i.e either Regular Tuition or Home Tuition. Kindly monitor results after the window period (2 months).

  • Will there be a grade for SSC exam? Will there be a Mark sheet? We are so confused?
Yes SSC 2010 exams will feature grades instead of marks. Grade sheet will replace the marksheet.

  • Sir, Is it advisable to undertake education via Open Schools?
The idea of open schooling in unique and aims to get every child educated in an unique way. The concept is very new will take some time for us to get used to this format

  • Is Home Tuition a solution for my son who is very weak in studies?
Definitely! Home Tuition can help your child. Kindly contact us with your full details.

  • Is the AP Govt planning to do away with EAMCET. When will this happen?
Yes! There is a high possibility. When ? We have to wait and see.

  • Is Yoga useful for improving concentration. Will we able to get more marks with Yoga?
Undoubtedly Yoga improves physical and mental well being. Students practicing Yoga show marked improvement in studies when compared to those who do not. But study and marks are a very specific issue and we cannot co-relate the same with Yoga.

  • Sir, Can I apply for NTSE for my daughter. She is in class 7 of a CBSE school?
You will have to wait till your daughter enters class VIII. This is the minimum requirement.

  • Is it true there is a grade system for class X SSC Board Exams for 2010?
Yes! Grades will be declared instead of marks. Students will however still get a mark sheet but the Grade awarded is the Final result.

  • I am totally against Govt. making it an Optional to write X Boards. How can I convince my daughter to take the Board exam?
If you plan on continuing in the CBSE board and in the same school; X exams are optional i.e from academic year 2010. Your daughter can take the Board exams in class XII.

  • I am an engineer parent. My child hates Maths. What should I do to get him interested?
Kindly find out why your child hates Maths. One reason maybe your child is not very keen on becoming an engineer.

  • Which is the best time to study? Mornings or Evenings?
Body metabolism is better in Mornings. So mental abilities are better in the Mornings. Some find it difficult or impossible to wake up in morning. In such cases it is better to study in the evenings.

  • How to approach Engineering exams. One book or many books?
Better to study from prescribed book. If the competition is good it is safe to opt for coaching


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