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Terms and Conditions

  By Registering on our website as Parent / Student / Tutor you agree to these terms.
  You are not a Home Tuition agency or allied service provider nor work for such.
  You may not register both as a Tutor and Student on the website. Such Registrations will also become null and void.
  Registrants agree not to impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name or a name that they have no authority to use.
  Tutors must be a Citizen / Permanent Resident of Republic of India. Minimum qualification is graduation. You must be knowledgeable, punctual with good teaching and communication skills.
  Registration fee is a renewable fee payable as per duration i.e yearly, quarterly or per month viz.as a Tutor / Student This fee may vary each year.
  A paid Tutor should renew registrations to continue receiving Tuition's. If Registration lapses you will be automatically set to a Free Tutor.
  Fees charged are towards the maintaining of Tutor / Tuition profiles and other Internet related matters like web hosting and maintenance and labors hired for doing these works in an orderly way. However we are not liable for any damages to your computer on use of our website by means of any malicious code or virus or any other unforeseen issues which can happen to any website at anytime.We do not guarantee a server up-time or service availability of 24 /7 as we are dependent on third party vendors and service providers.
  We remain open to recieving enquiries which are posted at the website and cannot guarantee that you will secure a Tuition or a Tutor or any particular number of Tuitions or Tutors. We do not give any guarantees regarding any Tutor or Parent / Student / Tuition.
  As a Tutor / Parent / Student you permit us to contact you via phone, email, SMS, etc and receive messages /calls from clients who you may or may not contact back. You also agree not to forward these calls to others as these messages are intended only for you the registrant and no one else. Such violations will result in blacklist and legal action.
  We reserve the right to deny Tuition's / Tutors as we feel necessary without giving any further information.
  Free Tutor can receive a Contact Interest and cannot respond to it.
  Paid Tutor can receive and respond to enquiries.
  A Paid Tutor can apply upto Three Tuition's per month Free for the duration of the Registration. To contact more Students additional payment is to be made.
  Free Student/ Parent can receive a Contact Interest and cannot respond to it.
  Paid Student/Parent can receive and respond to enquiries.
  A Paid Student/Parent can apply to Three Tutors per month Free for the duration of the Registration. To contact more Tutors additional payment needs to be made.
  Mobile Numbers and Email IDs at time of Registration is non-changeable and non exchangeable. Fresh registrations will be needed incase of such loss and any payments made prior to same are non-adjustable or refundable.
  We do not process any refunds. There is a strict no-refund policy.
  A Verified Tutor is one whose Qualifications / ID are verified as per the list of documents mentioned in FAQ section.
  All Parents/Student / Tutor details and information's are confidential. Misuse in anyway other than for what you have registered on our website is violation of your registration and will lead to addition to online blacklist and if required report to the law enforcing agencies.
  If any misuse is brought to our notice we will blacklist the Parent / Tutor concerned and such information's will be shared with all other Hometuition service providers and any law enforcement agencies. Such Registrations will become null & void and legal action will be taken.

  Open Tuitions refer to Available Tuitions.

  Closed Tuition refers to a Tuition which is currently unavailable.

  1. HOMESTUITION.COM connects tutor & students and is not responsible for the services provided by tutors. Each tutor is solely responsible in offering tuition fees, arranging tutorial schedules, paying all taxes on income earned, and all other issues and responsibilities related to tutoring. HOMESTUITION.COM does not keep records of the number of students and sessions taken by the registered tutors.
  2. HOMESTUITION.COM will not act as an arbitrator or mediator for any conflicts or disagreements that arise between the tutor and the student. However we are always prepared to offer our views and suggestions.
  3. HOMESTUITION.COM reserves the right to add, modify or delete any information on this website at any time without notice.
  4. Registrants are solely responsible for the information provided to HOMESTUITION.COM. We shall not be liable for any misrepresentation, fraud, or inaccuracies of information provided.
  5. The entire risk as to the quality, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, correctness and validity of any material rests with you. HOMESTUITION.COM is not liable for damages of any kind including, without limitation, compensatory, consequential, incidental, indirect, special or similar damages that may result from the use of, or the inability to use the materials contained on this site whether the material is provided or otherwise supplied by you. HOMESTUITION.COM is not involved in any tutor-student-parent interactions and will not be liable for any conflict or disagreement between the tutors and students / parents. We will also not be responsible for any form of damage caused in connection with your use of our website.
  6. HOMESTUITION.COM is not responsible for any disputes, claims, losses, injuries, or damages that might arise during and/or after any lessons. Teaching at the student's house and interacting with the parents and students are at your own risk.
  7. All moneys paid to HOMESTUITION.COM are non-refundable. All documents and photographs submitted to us are also non-returnable.

The Registrant agrees to the Terms and conditions as mentioned above and should any dispute arise the same is subject only to Indian Law and the jurisdiction of Civil court of Secunderabad only.

Logo /Trademark

Tutors / Parents may not use HOMESTUITION.COM logo. All other trademarks displayed on this site or through links to other sites are the property of the respective trademark owners.


I hereby declare that I am solely responsible and liable for the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, correctness and validity of any material that I provide. HOMESTUITION.COM shall not be liable for any use of the materials contained on this site that is supplied by me. I hereby affirm that I meaning Tutor or Student or Parent or all who register here on this site namely HOMESTUITION.COM have studied the above terms and conditions and have understood and agreed.

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